Looking back in the mirror

Should we look back in the mirror?

In this early 2015, I took the time to look back in the mirror at my photography work of 2014.  I used Chris Marquardt method « 1 Hour – 1000 pics » to do so.  This was a dreadful experience.  I came to the conclusion that the whole 2014 was just garbage.

For a few weeks, my DSLR body did not meet any lenses.  It stayed sadly on its back victim of my lack of motivation.  Just before this period of time, I had multiple pictures scheduled for publishing on my website.  Every few days I would take these newly published articles and post them to my Facebook and Google+ pages.

One of these was worth the following: « This picture is so nice Denis.  Wow! You just gain a new fan! » Just a few words and such an impact!

Why should we look back in the mirror?

The more I look at great pictures, taken by renowned photographers, the more my criteria’s for great pictures sharpen.  As such, yesterdays’ great pictures might be just ok today.  This is also true for my own pictures.  The frustration associated with looking back at my pictures is then healthy!  When I am happy with my work, I don’t feel the urge to improve.

I take too many pictures.  I am trigger happy.  My library is full of souvenirs with very few great pictures.  When I take a picture and I look back at it on my LCD screen there is this instant gratification associated with the emotion of being in a new place, in front of a new scene.  A year later, looking at my work I am frustrated.  A great picture needs to stand on its own merit, alone on a wall without a title or a legend.

Looking back in the mirror is a necessity!

In order to move forward I need to appreciate both, where I come from and where I am heading.  Looking back in the mirror create this compelling needs to improve.  It also helps define a vision, a destination.  What did I like the most.  Why did I like these pictures?  Was it luck, planning, composition or a particular technique?

From this moment on, it become possible to build a new vision associated with my future work.  Moving into action is then the only missing step.  I have the rest of my life to make this new vision a reality.  How lucky I am!