I was introduced to photography by a Miranda Sensorex, my first single lens reflex 35mm camera.  Since that moment, I take pictures for my own pleasure.  I like catching a smile, natures’ expression and playing with the light.  I did work with Pentax, Ricoh and Canon since then.  Although, with each new body, it became easier to make pictures, thanks to technology and automation, today I mainly shoot manual.  I like to take my time to carefully chose each variables that will produced the desired image.  Sometime, not often, I am very pleased with the results and I feel the urge to share.

Denis Grenier


Playing with the light…

Light is my most inspiring vector of creation.  When I take my gear and place my finger on the shutter, I am looking for the light.  I often find nice lignt in:

  • the eyes of a child smiling;
  • coloring the clouds from beneath;
  • bouncing and dancing on water;
  • running down the mountain, into the valley to my feet.

Take a picture…

Looking back in the mirror

Montreal’s colors

… is an exceptional way to share with others what I see in front of me.  Its also for me a way to bring back with me memories that will make me smile again and again when I look at these vistas or these candles that are blown off in laughter.  I do not promote my services as a photographer, however, sometime I jump on the option to help others freeze time on magical moments of their lives.

I also support causes that I believes in.  Have fun! look around you, there is so much to see and experience!  Should you pause on your computer for a few minutes, take the time to look at my pictures and tell me what you think.